Flowers of Doom

Flowers of Doom
No, I can’t meet you anymore, don’t you see I am not even comfortable even talking with you right now, I don’t think I can deal with your behavior like what you did on my birthday. How could even you have said those things? I first thought may be somehow I can tolerate it, but when I see you all that anger comes back to me, everything you said keeps echoing in my ears and makes me restless. I don’t know I am doing the right thing or wrong, but I have decided it and I can’t change it now.

She kept saying me things and I was standing there wondering what just happened in last 4 months. We did have an ugly argument and then I tried to mend things. They were not working anyway. I tried to keep away from her, I thought maybe that will help her calm down, but it did not. Everything that I acted upon thinking positively just came back on me. No, this can’t be happening to me. I am not yet ready to lose her. Not yet. If I could find some way to explain her that may be what I did in the past was some way for saving my relation with her. And now I am standing here in front of her and she is letting me go. How could I tell her that I cried days and night for 2 months. How could I tell how much I needed her. And how could I tell her how much I loved her.

Till it Hurts

Today its here, tomorrow it'll be gone
I am in your arms tonight, but alone.
My heart beats, still every beat counts,
A tear in my eye, because of you.

I stand today with you, a shadow
Like you forgot me in time,
That passes day by day your window,
I still smile, and I don't know why,
I still sit alone and cry,

I can't remember a thing of you,
Just few photographs with me , True,
A canvas of colors, spread careless,
And every breath of mine, worthless,

But I still live, every night, passing by,
I do dream, every moment in my eye.
I hold tight, what I can of you,
I ache everyday, Every thought, every view.

A tear in my eye, glitter cause of you,
One more dull day and night to live
More of it every moment as it'll pass,
And I'll love, till it hurts or I last.

All be left

Some hearts true, some hearts broken,
Some tears shed, feelings unspoken,
A day of dream, a night love made,
Some smiles true, some smiles faked.
A moment of hope, a year of wait,
A day early, a date too late,
Too much to say, and few words,
A healing heart, it still hurts..
A feeling to nurture, still going further,
Where'll it end? Where did it began?
A road beneath our feet,
A sky above our head,
A lonely tune playing on radio,
Few memories, need to forget,
So today, or tomorrow,
It'll all be here, and alone all be left.

Nothing else to give you more

Nothing else to give you more,
After my love and my life,
After my care to share with you,
What else are you thinking of?
After my attention and affection,
After my company to you life long,
No other feelings ever been so strong,
What else are you thinking of?
After my body and my soul,
Now for you playing this role,
Being what you want me to be,
Have faith and you will see.
What else are you thinking of?
I have nothing greater to give you more.

How to say I Love You

Never I felt the need of your help.
For everything I believe in myself.
But if your desire is really true.
Then tell me,
"How to say I need you?"

I never felt someone is so special,
For my life who had became essential,
So if your charm is really true,
Then tell me,
"How to say I like you?"

Never I had felt you near my heart,
Felt always you were far and apart,
But if your care is really true,
"Then tell me how to say I miss you?"

Never I believe so much on my fate,
That ever I can get you,
So if your Love is really true,
Then tell me,
"How to say I love you?"